Our Professional Staff

Our experienced providers are committed to a high standard of patient care and are here for you throughout every stage of your hearing journey.

Who We Are

Audiology First is an independently owned and operated business that has been serving the Columbia community since 2002.  We have helped hundreds of people hear to the best of their ability with individually tailored solutions and the most innovative hearing devices on the market. We evaluate your hearing loss and recommend solutions that will be best for you depending on many factors, including the amount of hearing loss and the types of listening situations that are part of your daily life.

Our mission is to provide the best possible hearing solution for each individual to improve and enrich their quality of life.

We focus on individual communication needs, patient education, and continued follow up care, and we are able to spend the time needed to help you hear better. We have access to a variety of brands of hearing aids to offer the most advanced technology available. We believe that providing ongoing care and continuous follow up is critical to getting the most satisfaction and benefit from your hearing aids.

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Our Audiologist

Diana Wagner

Diana Wagner, M.A.


Diana Wagner received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Michigan State University. She is a licensed audiologist in Maryland and a member of the Maryland Academy of Audiology. Her experience includes over 30 years as a clinical audiologist, with the last 20 years in her private practice. She works with you to find the very best hearing solutions to meet your needs.